Do you have a Covid Safety Plan?

Covid is here and the Omicron variant is spreading through-out Perth, the metropolitan area and also in some WA rural communities. It is “When” rather than “IF” the Omicron variant will reach the same rates of community spread as those experienced in other states, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney and having a structured safety plan is now one (1) of the essential tools for working and living with Covid19.

Are you prepared with a plan and are the processes in place to keep your business open and working for you and your team, whilst meeting WA Government mandates and WA Health Department documentation requirements?

Let us help with your documentation preparation and Covid19 Safety Plan.

We will work with you and your team to implement a plan that meets your business needs and is compliant with the WA Government and WA Health Department Covid19 Guidelines.

We can also assist with answers to the various questions your staff might pose in relation to COVID19, for example:

• I think I am a close contact, so I have to get a PCR test – will I be paid for the time off work if I have to quarantine until I get the result?
• I’ve had a PCR test and its negative, but now I feel ill, what do I do?
• I have to isolate, can I claim sick leave for this time?
• Or, if you require a staff member to be tested, do you have to pay them for their time?

Contact us today and be Covid19 prepared and Safety Plan equipped.

Covid19 Safety Plan
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